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May 11, 2024


Cop Car

Nice "screen shots" of the KC-46(s), Bogie. Thanks...and thanks for the NH hospitality for our planes and crews.

On occasion, the shoe is on the other foot at McConnell AFB when they host planes and crews from (mostly) southeastern states (mostly) to avoid hurricanes. I don't recall that they've ever hosted planes and crews from New England, but they may have done so.


Perhaps Hascomb in MA, but even then it would be extremely rare as Hurricanes just don't get as bad here as further south. Pease was closed and everything was transferred to Missouri during realignment in the late '80's / early 90's (except the local national Guard unit).

Pease is now just a tradeport with a NH National Guard station (refueling), small commercial airport, and a portion was converted to the Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge (I'm assuming after the superfund cleanup was completed)

Cop Car

Thanks for the short history of Pease. It is not a base that immediately springs to mind for me. You drove me to Wikipedia which revealed that Pease was a native son of NH, and Medal of Honor awardee, who served in the US Army Air Corps in WWII.

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