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April 14, 2024


Cop Car

I've never tried to photograph an eclipse, itself, but find the shadows during the eclipse to be interesting. This eclipse, I took no photos because we had enough cirrus cloud cover to mitigate the effect, but in 2017, I posted photos that I had taken in Cop Car, what did you do during the eclipse of 2017? and Comparing tree shadows - without & with eclipse


Those are still cool pictures of the shadows from 2017.

Again, I never thought to look at shadows, besides to see how crisp the lines were form the house shadow. but since I don't have any concrete or regular surfaces under trees, I'm not sure that it would have shown so well. I did see pictures of shadows on FB.

Cop Car

Good point. As we had plenty of concrete and a conveniently sprawling cottonwood tree at that time, I gave no thought to others not having the same advantage. Too, this time I did not notice the effect and perhaps it's because we no longer have that cottonwood tree to demonstrate for us rather than the presence of the cirrus clouds.

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