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April 06, 2024


Cop Car

Thanks for the rundown and for the beautiful photos. What a storm! (And what a sunrise to presage it.) I failed to note, in my comment to your previous posting, how lovely your ice-shrouded trees look.

Glad you have your uninterruptable power supplies. Your boss must be happy that you the one for your router, too, as it keeps you working.

You get your workout without even trying, don't you?


I had replaced the UPS units I have on my pellet stoves a year or so ago. I then got a replacement battery for one of the old UPSes and finally put it on my computer setup in November or December (2023). I still have the 2nd old UPS sitting on a counter (battery went to recycling). I keep thinking about getting a new battery for it and putting it on my Xfinity cable box along with the TV but there are challenges to overcome - of which one may be that I am lazy and not sure it is worth the hassle as I don't really care that much ;)

Cop Car

Your dad had a UPS for his computer and printer a decade or so ago. Not sure he ever used it. Eventually, he gave it to me. After it sat idle for more years, I passed it on to your sister or your niece.

Yeah, on a TV & cable box I'm sure I wouldn't bother. But then, our power is pretty much on all of the time in bad weather.

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