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March 11, 2024


Cop Car

You have your share of moisture, for the moment - and of TypePad problems. It amazes me how different are your problems from mine with TypePad. Well...not so much different as compounded.

I have let my subscription to TypePad lapse (as of the 8th) and am thinking not to resume. If ever I decide to blog some more, I shall probably start a different subscription (perhaps with a different provider, or maybe not) and let the old one RIP.

Good photos under low lighting conditions, BTW.

Cop Car

Just a few minutes ago, I ran into the "Bad Gateway" error message. As I had done a lot of work and did not have time to screw around with it, I scratched my head - willing to try anything. I don't know that I found a work-around, but it worked for me ; )

Save as draft

Schedule at a date: time (I scheduled for a couple of hours earlier, when I had started writing the posting, but I doubt that the specifics make a difference.)

That was all. It worked - this time! Good luck, next time.


I always encounter the Bad Gateway as I am saving to draft on weekends. I get the same thing if I go straight to trying to post.

Sometimes, even with the error it will actually save the draft in the background (although I can't find it that day after I log out and log back) and I can go in on Monday and finish up and post it. Sometimes it will save the draft, but not allow me to do anything with it so I have to delete it. Sometimes it doesn't save a draft at all.

Cop Car

You seem to be confirming that whatever I did had absolutely no effect on getting around the Bad Gateway or how TypePad treated my posting. Frustrating!

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