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February 18, 2024


Cop Car

Ah...she has to live in the house, herself, to establish that she can take the exclusion for home sales. But wait! She hasn't lived there for two years, so I don't know where that leaves her tax-wise (and is it really any of my business?)

An interesting turn of events.

Cop Car

Just went to the listing. I don't understand how everything the agent lists as being inside the house could fit in only 1728 square feet. (Perhaps the "several couches" means a couch + a loveseat? OR - Perhaps I don't understand what the 1728 figure excludes.) I don't speak real estate sales anymore. I sold four houses in 1990-2002, but none since then so I've lost it.

Prices around here run about $150/sq ft for "used" houses and $200/sq ft for new houses - but we're not in NH!!

Cop Car

Well, duh...I failed to look at the photo tour. *sigh*


Yeah, she mentioned that she would have to pay taxes on the sale, so she isn't really making much on it. But, like you said, not my business and not my money so really don't know.

Pictures do help in visualizing how things could fit.

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