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February 04, 2024


Cop Car

Preparing one's own taxes can be an enjoyable challenge, if one is so inclined. I did my own until your dad retired, at which time we started filing jointly and he wanted to do them using a program. When he started showing obvious signs of his Alzheimer's I knew that doing them myself would be insulting to HH, so I found a pretext to have H&R Block do our taxes. I should have done it sooner.
You may recall that, for a couple of years' taxes we have paid significant penalties (plus one year of much smaller penalty). Our largest penalty was the first year that H&R did the taxes - when HH failed to include the Form 1099 for his largest source of income in the package we gave H&R. Of course, since HH had been handling the taxes for 18 years by that time, I didn't know the difference. (I had no idea what his income was - only my own!) BTW: Each year, HH has told our H&R guy how great it is not to have to worry about doing the taxes, himself, now!
Also BTW: credit your sister for having suggested, years ago, that we have our taxes done by a tax company.

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