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December 03, 2023


Cop Car

As one who has been responsible for the downing of many trees during the past couple of decades, I understand how losing those trees is a mixed blessing for you. It is always good to have a buffer between one's home and a parking lot - especially of lovely trees. But...the bright side is that it will become a brighter side for your home. (Sorry...that sounded better in my head ; )

Cop Car

It would be nice if Typepad would come up with a fix for the mixed orientations of iPhone (& other?) photos that are posted. Trees on their sides are disorienting ; )

Cop Car

I should make clear that I am addressing the orientation of photos that are enbiggened!


To be fair on the pictures, I turn the ones that need in my computer program as I am downsizing them so they appear in the correct orientation in the post (which granted, I shouldn't have to do). Much easier and more efficient than doing it within Typepad.

The fact that Typepad cannot automatically adjust orientation (as can every other forum/social media site I frequent), is irksome, but that irritation is overshadowed by other issues that have cropped up over the last 6 months or so, which still involve pictures.

Pictures don't upload the first (or second) time for various reasons - and after every error having to save the draft before I can hope to try again: timeouts in 0.005 seconds, "incorrect format" errors - does not recognize a jpg on random pictures, other misc errors. Even without errors, Usually I can only upload one at a time and then have to save the draft before uploading another.

Cop Car

I thought that I was the only one plagued by the issues in your last paragraph. I love the "appears not to be a valid format" message - NOT.

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