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December 23, 2023


Cop Car

You really need to watch that shopping for a new computer on your old computer. Up with that it will not put!

Your cats and your dad have the same effect: shutting off the power. When your dad has a problem with starting his computer or when my Wi-Fi is not working, the first thing I know to do is to turn on all of the power strips in your dad's den. Obviously, he believes that someone is doing that to his equipment. (I only wish it were so.)

Three is the magic number that I use for reboots of a computer, the router, or the modem. Sometimes I forget to carry through on all three, though.

Computers: Can't live with 'em...can't live without 'em. (That sounds familiar somehow - lol.)


Power strips, especially those with rocker switches, are easily turned off - done that several times while adjusting my foot placement. However, the UPS that I installed about a month ago (replacing the power strip)), takes about 5 seconds of holding the (flush) button down before it will turn off.

I used to have an issue with them turning off the UPS to the P43. The first time was purely by accident, but upon hearing that beep, they decided it was great fun to do it all the time - during winter no less. I had an overturned bucket over it for a while to protect it from their mischief.

Cop Car

Good grief - mischief makers!

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