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December 09, 2023


Cop Car

I couldn't imagine how they could get a chair mat in that small vehicle - until I saw the box. Your mat must be flexible.

I used a "stiff" mat for a while but hated it. I hope you like yours better. Mine developed indentations for my weight on the rollers of the chair, making it difficult for me to position/roll the chair. Of course, my chair is the old kind with 4 casterss instead of five but I assume that my weight is great enough that even 5 casters would have been a problem.

Pretty cactus. Just saw three similar plants (in full bloom) at our jeweler friend's place, yesterday, when we took one of your dad's watches in for a new battery.

Cop Car

Oh, my. I must learn to read. You wrote "desk mat" NOT "chair mat". I'm going back to bed. Have been up too long, already, working with scanned documents & photos.


Yes, desk mat not chair mat. I have an area rug for under my chair as I didn't want a hard mat and I think the rug is kinder to the hardwood flooring.

I noticed that the finish on the wood of the desk is taking a beating from my mouse, which I should have expected - I just never thought about it.

Cop Car

"I just never thought about it." Nor would I have thought about it. Your dad still uses a mouse pad, but it's been years since I've done that. Of course, my primary computer desk is glass-topped and my backup computer sits on a Formica-topped desk. Only my works-with-the-scanner computer sits on an unprotected top, but it is on your dad's old printer desk, from the days when printer spit out reams of connected dot-matrix-printed sheets - and the mouse gets used very little in the scanning process.

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