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November 19, 2023


Cop Car

It looks like a good system. I will be interested to read how you think it worked out for you.

You may recall (or not) that my "laundry room" in ABQ was a closet with bi-fold doors right next to my breakfast table. (Well...it was my only table since I made the tiny "dining room" into a piano room.) It probably never occurred to me to look for a kit such as yours, and one may not have then (1983) been available. I used the "old nylon stocking" method of trapping lint, using the legs from two old pairs of pantyhose. It seemed to work well as that house was never a dusty house.


Funny, I can remember doing laundry at my apartments (because I had to go to a laundry mat), but I can't remember doing laundry while living in ABQ at all. So I couldn't remember where the washer/dryer were at if you paid me to - LOL

Cop Car

BTW: I love wing nuts. They are so handy.

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