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November 04, 2023


Cop Car

What a difference you made in the hardwood floor by oiling it. Great!

You did not ask for opinions, but I'll tell you that when I moved to the bedroom in the basement, I settled on a twin-sized bed and found it more than adequate. I think that most adults don't even consider such a small bed. The only other time I had had a twin was in my apartment at Rolla.

(BTW: I mis-read your 2nd sentence to say that you were 13 in 2000. I'm glad I read it again before commenting ; )

Cop Car

My statement about having had a twin bed is a bit off. In Summer 1958, when both your dad's and my summer jobs were canceled at the last minute & we ended up living with your grandparents, we had two twin beds pushed together. We only used one of them, of course.


I believe I was just a little over 13 years old in the year 2000 - LOL

Last time I had a twin bed was in my apartment in Wichita. And then when I moved in with the Ex, he had a king or queen waterbed. The bed I brought with me is what had replaced that waterbed.

Right now, I see no reason to put a bed back in at all.

Cop Car

So: You'll have not only a no bed bedroom but a no bed house. Impressive! Your house, your life, you get to choose.

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