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November 25, 2023


Cop Car

An interesting lot of data you present, Bogie. (One assumes that you are working on a thesis of some sort, for which the data will be useful!)
I don't know what level of humidity you aim for, but our HVAC system is set to 40% - and that is the reading, just now.


I really don't aim at any particular percentage. I do try to keep it out of nosebleed territory, but without a whole house (or even whole floor) humidifier, It gets down there during winter. I use 2 humidifiers on the main floor, but none in the basement.

Cop Car

We had similar problems when I was a young kid: my great-grandparents in Nevada had the only house (in our family) with central heating - a system that had been converted from coal to natural gas - and they moved into that house when I was about 2 years old. When we moved to Tulsa (my age 5), we had a little floor furnace in the hallway of the little 2-bedroom (no basement) house with just the one outlet. I'm happy to have central heater/cooler/humidifier in this house - lol. I've become quite spoiled over the succeeding 80 years.

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