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November 25, 2023


Cop Car

It took me a moment to place the location of that house. Thanks for letting me know that you are looking out your living room's bay window. That tied it down.
I know that the house directly across from you had a lot of overgrowth, but it wasn't tall enough to hide those panels!
Happy to see more panels springing up in your neighborhood. That should be really helpful.
(I am still trying to discourage calls from one of the panel-installing companies that I talked to a few months ago. Persistent little bugger keeps wanting me to send him the chart from our electric bill showing our usage. He won't believe me when I tell him that since I know what our usage is, he doesn't need to know. He doesn't want/believe that anyone, but a professional, can use the data in making decisions! Told him not to bug me anymore.)

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