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July 02, 2023


Cop Car

Getting that yard tamed is going to take some doing, let alone the house.

As awful as the house looks, and as sad as it is that your neighbor was paid no more than he was, that house would have been an improvement over most of the houses that my relatives lived in when they were living. My Grma Dick bought a little house (in the 1960s or 1970s) with flooded basement (I'll try to find a photo to send you), and Grma Hall's "basement" (we called it a "cellar") flooded when it rained. We kids would go down there to play in the water. Really, the only thing kept in the cellar was a plank raised off of the floor, on which large bowls (I think you have red and blue enameled bowls that she used) or crocks of milk sat, letting the cream rise. They never had the comfort of a window air conditioner and their heating stove wasn't nearly as nice as the one in the photo. Our standards have changed considerably over my life span.
You did really well helping out your neighbor while he was there.

Cop Car

I can't find the photos that I had in mind.


I was actually surprised that my neighbor got as much as he did. I figured 30k. He had to give all of what he got to the nursing home anyway (you don't get to keep any money and they get all his SS and pension from the paper mill), so it really didn't matter.

I'm not even sure either of the window AC's work. I know they haven't been turned on since the summer before I put in the minisplit (2020). I could hear that AC in the living room from my yard years before, and I hadn't heard it. So I had asked him if he wanted my window and portable units before I sold them. He said he was fine with just a fan and insisted the AC worked he just didn't need it.

I'm sure a bank wouldn't touch a house that has a wet basement now - mold is a big thing with them.

Cop Car

You know a bunch more than do I. I'm assuming that the beneficiaries of his getting more money for his home would have been the NH & federal taxpayers. Not being an expert on the subject and not knowing exactly what NH requirements are, I'm guessing that he had to spend down to qualify for Medicaid (a welfare program vs Medicare, an entitlement program) assistance in paying for his nursing home care. I'm further guessing that the money from the sale went to the nursing home to pay for his care. (If they get all of his SS & pension, that implies to me that the total is less than the cost of the nursing home monthly charge.) Once that money was exhausted, Medicaid would kick in to pay what he cannot pay.
I think he is allowed assets up to $2000 - not much! In addition, he should get a personal use "allowance" each month. Here in Kansas, that amounted to only $30, 20 years ago. I have no idea what any state allows, now.

Getting into requirements levied by financial institutions in order to supply a mortgage is beyond my knowledge, but I'm sure you are knowledgeable and your statement would make sense. That's why so many of us have sump pumps ; )

I'm glad your neighbor had you to care!


The former neighbor gets $75/month for his allowance. He only got to take a bag of belongings (clothes) and he isn't allowed a cell phone either. From what he said, his shared room has only a nightstand, bed and small dresser (or maybe a closet and no dresser - I didn't pay that much attention).

He had no assets besides the house, so he didn't have to spend down. In fact, they had to figure out how a large credit card balance would be paid off (around 15k). I'm not privy on how that worked out.

The house listing specifically stated, "Attention Investors and handy contractors." and "as is, as seen". That means they weren't doing any work prior to sale to make it bank-worthy. I suppose an individual buying for themselves could get a construction loan. But I have no idea if that would really be a possibility, or what hoops one would have to go thru.

Cop Car

The vast majority of nursing homes are bare bones and understaffed. I hope he does well. Thanks for the info on monthly allowance.

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