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May 06, 2023


Cop Car

The mute button must be there - microscopic?? I understand how voice commands are helpful if one has a disability, but it escapes me why one would prefer voice to the remote as you explained it. The power button is not lit? Could it be that, being "used", it is burned out? Weird.

The challenge (for me, at least) is remembering where I stowed the TV remote. A couple of months ago, I had to ferret it out in trying to diagnose the issue with my TV reception. (It was in a wicker basket on the shelf under my TV.)

Cop Car

Oops! It was the box that you wrote was "used".


Yeah, I found the mute button last night. I completely missed there being any button between the volume and channel buttons. Not that I use it very often so I didn't look too hard.

Both of the very top buttons, TV input and Power are solid, so no lights are available for those. The remote seems to be new, without any worn spots and it was packaged separately from the box. I would also say the box wasn't very used. According to the SN it was made Feb 2023. IDK, now that I think about it maybe they are paid to have the programs preset for recording. One was a nightly national network news program that is not in first place along with a few of their weekly news magazines.

Cop Car


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