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May 20, 2023


Cop Car

That is quite a beautiful mass of tri-colored phlox, Bogie, and I could nearly smell the lilac. I have not had good luck with lilac over the years, so I hope that your lilac gene's came from your grandmothers.

The kitties look quite comfy.

P.S. The shed looks good!
P.P.S. How massive can the amount of water taken up be with that small a vase? ; )


It may be small to you, but that vase is the biggest one I have and holds a lot of water. Massive means it took up way more water than any bunches of flowers I put in.

I put in about 20 oz a day. I kept one of my water bottles next to it and nearly every time I passed it I was adding water (and since the pellet stove is still in use, I actually ended up putting the flowers in the kitchen, so I passed by it a lot).

Cop Car

Perspective is everything. The vase does look tiny, but 20 ounces is a lot of water!

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