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May 13, 2023


Cop Car

I particularly like your flowering almond, the bleeding heart (my Grandmother H had bleeding hearts by her front porch in her last house), and crabapple (I'm jealous that your blooms are so bountiful!)

Yeah, I'm getting pretty POd at Typepad for the problems uploading and displaying photos. Don't know what there problems are. (Gnashing my teeth.)

Cop Car

Your Uncle D was in town Fri & Sat and I had occasion to show him your previous posting about performance of your solar panels. He ended up scrolling up and down through many of your postings. He was impressed! He told me what a good writer you are. (I had to agree, yes? That's what a mom does, even when she is not prejudiced!)


lad you got to visit with Uncle D. This was a good year for the crab apple. Glad I got pictures when I did as a couple of days later, it was so windy there were blossom petals falling like snow (meanwhile, in the north country, they did get snow). And by "falling" I mean if it had been snow, it would have been a driving blizzard.

Cop Car

I understand about the wind. I waited too long to get photos of irises and they got laid out by the wind. One bunch of the orchid-colored irises were so beaten up by the wind that they looked like peony blossoms lying there.

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