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January 08, 2023


Cop Car

You are ever so welcome, Bogie. We got enough enjoyment out of reading your put-together session to pay us back! What an office setup. Who ever heard of a cup holder on a computer desk? Not I, obviously.

I think you bought that office suite just for the challenge of putting it together. Well done - so far.

It looks, to me, like your attic access closet is over your basement stairs. I guess I didn't notice that closet when we were there.


I would never thought of a cup holder but I am always worried about my coffee being knocked over by either me or the cats. My water bottle has a twist on cap, so that isn't a worry as far as spillage. I also no longer need to keep a paper towel on under the water bottle to catch the sweat.

The attic access is built over the stairway. Not like we spent a lot of time in the office for the closet to be of special notice. The chimney is to the left of that closet (behind the new desk).

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