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December 11, 2022


Cop Car

It is great that they have such kits to help you pin down your contact needs.

Even 1/4 diopter can make a huge difference for some of us. It used to drive me nuts when my corrected vision was off by that much from left eye to right. Now, because of age or because I've not worn contacts for nearly 30 years (after 30 years of wearing them), I'm not that sensitive.

I keep forgetting to ask: are your two sets of cataracts stacked or around the arc from one another?


"are your two sets of cataracts stacked or around the arc from one another?"

I'm not sure what you are asking. They come special made and are in separate boxes, mot as a set. I still have 5 months worth of my left contacts so will only be ordering a 6 month supply of right contacts. Does that answer the question?

I will be going with my old scirpt for the left eye and the new script for my right eye.

Cop Car

I asked about your cataracts, not your contacts. What is the placement of the cataracts in each of your eyes? I know you have an "extra" cataract in each, but don't understand the placement.
; )


I don't know where each of the cataracts is placed besides one is the regular type and the other is posterior. I'm sure she showed me the pictures, I just don't remember the actual placements.

Cop Car

Oh! You didn't answer the question that I asked, but you gave me the information that I actually wanted, thanks. You had previously written/told me about posterior cataracts, and I had failed to recall.

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