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November 11, 2022


Cop Car

Interesting that the maple did the "instant dump" that is a trademark of our front gingko (which was so confused by our weather that it failed to produce "instant dump" this time).

Eh, you can probably live with a little weird color easier than living without the caulking. Perhaps it will mellow with sun/age.

*Laughing* The first thing I looked for in the kitty picture was Rita - but - I failed to note the reflection until reading your mention of it. Cute.


Yeah, the color just bothers me since it is not what I expected. I knew I'd have to paint next year anyway, so it's all good in the end.

I don't remember if the insta-dump for the Japanese maple is characteristic or not. The only reason I noticed it this time is because the previous day I had noticed the leaves being an almost pure bright red (versus the slightly darker purple-red of summer), and thought I needed a picture. But, I didn't have my phone on me at the time.

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