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October 15, 2022


Cop Car

Two steps forward, one step back - but getting there. Great!

Cop Car

The pattern makes your roof look tiled. It will be awesome!


Yeah, not happening today. They'll try for Thursday. Any bets on weather that totally clear forecast changes?

Cop Car

Good luck.

Hey! I don't bet on weather. The last time I did, I had to replace the irrigation system back-flow stop valve. Weather had been forecast to be just below freezing for a few hours, but dipped several degrees lower than that, for longer. Speaking of which: They are to winterize our system this Friday. Forecast temperatures that came out two weeks after scheduling had last night/this morning at 31 degrees (no biggie - just now at 34) and tonight at 26 or 28 degrees (don't recall which), so I bought six bags of mulch yesterday and packed that sucker down. Although, I did not put the electrical heating tape on it - very difficult due to configuration/location.

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