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October 01, 2022


Cop Car

Thanks for the zoom-in on the weigala. You're correct that I didn't "get it" on the first photo.

All of the trees are lovely, and the photos are good even if we must imagine the glow. I particularly like the contrast of the trees in the last photo.

We are still in "extreme drought" so it will be interesting to see the effects on fall color around here. Which reminds me that I've yet to schedule Jo-Jac's to come take out the beautiful gingko in front and to have the irrigation system serviced by Tendercare.

Cop Car

I failed to mention the gorgeous contrast within your one tree!

Cop Car

I took Elegant Friend to lunch, Wednesday, and showed her this posting on my iPhone. Like me, she really exclaimed over the play among the colors in the last photo. She liked them all, of course, and asked me what the yellowish trees were. I had to admit that I couldn't tell. She asked that I tell you "Hi".

BTW: I think that her younger son is slowing down (and, perhaps, having trouble keeping enough help). He is now partnered with TruGreen who will be providing all of the routine spraying and aeration for his customers. He will retain the landscaping jobs.


Glad you got to see EL! Tell her "Hi" right back.

I really don't know what the yellow trees are. I was way too far away to see the leaves to help in identification. They "could" be maples (the red tree most likely is maple). But they most likely are something else - maybe ginkgo or honey locust (this is my bet - but only a guess).

Hey, can't blame the youngest for slowing down. He, like the rest of us, isn't getting any younger.

We just got out of Severe drought a couple of weeks ago. Should be interesting to see if we go back in because we haven't had any rain since.

Cop Car

Around here, the yellow trees wouldn't "look right" or be the "right" color for gingko, but lighting makes a huge difference. I would buy your locust - which didn't occur to me the other day, of course.

Your dad called his nephew in the CHI area, this morning, to thank him for the airplane photos that HH received a couple or three weeks ago. Your dad teased him about his getting old. He is only 1 or 2 years younger than was your dad when your dad retired. EL's son, as you well know, is a year or so older than are you.

Good luck on your drought (and ours!)


Ah - I was thinking about those pics a couple of days ago, wondering if he had ever gotten them to HH. CHI Cousin had messaged me in the beginning of August that he was going to send HH some pics from an airshow he attended (he posted them on FB and I had commented on them)

Cop Car

From the background in the photos, I think they were taken at Nellis AFB - and I looked it up. As I recall, Nellis had an airshow in July.

The airplanes were: 2 each old B-52s (F's or older), C-17, F-15, and F-16.

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