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October 09, 2022


Cop Car

It is so difficult to get the glow to show up in photos when the sun is "just right" through colorful leaves. Your Belle is, indeed, beautiful this year.

Since I have "the family sledgehammer", I wonder at the provenance of yours?

At an age somewhat younger than you now are, I recall using "the family sledgehammer" at your Grandmother H's - above shoulder height (I was standing on the ground, though) - pounding some metal fence posts in for her, there by her driveway. Awkward. You do better work than ever I did.

Your fence is looking G-R-E-A-T.


I bought the sledge when I started tearing out sheetrock in 2014. I don't remember where I got it from though. It has come in handy thru the years, especially for driving rebar into the landscape timbers around the gardens next to the house and driveway.

Cop Car

Sledges aren't the most-often used tools, but they surely come in handy! I think you actually mentioned your sledgehammer in a posting while you were tearing out sheetrock.

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