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September 25, 2022


Cop Car

Hummers are difficult to photograph. You got some good ones!

Happy that you got the rain, but jealous because we've had so little. Kind of you to move the feeders in deference to the wind conditions.

Here, I'll probably keep a hummingbird feeder out until the end of October, and I note that our hummers have never been bothered by light rains. A few years ago, I had a hummer come begging in a light sleet storm on the 9th of October. It stuck around long enough for me to cook up a batch of sugar water (which I no longer bother tinting since I had difficulty finding suitable agents).


There haven't been any hits on the feeder since first thing Monday morning (and then only a light hit). I replaced the tubes of nectar yesterday and will keep them refreshed for another week unless something shows up.

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