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September 10, 2022


Cop Car

Hmmm...stripping leaves off for shipping. Great idea! Your clematis is gorgeous. I noticed that there was a young, reddish clematis plant outside the door at the lawyer's place yesterday. I always wanted a purple clematis but never actually bought one.

The red rose and blossoms behind it are well matched in color. It'll be interesting to see what the mystery plant is when you figure it out.

My one surviving autumn joy sedum has been struggling through our drought, this summer. Fred has stopped watering his lawn (Bermuda grass) so the sedum hasn't been getting even that bit of water that it used to receive from his sprinklers.


I looked at the tag yesterday and it is a Rio Dipladenia (they come in white, pink or red). According to Google, it should overwinter pretty well indoors as long as I bring it in before the first frost. I happen to have killed a large plant I have in the bedroom bay window so I will try it there.

Cop Car

Good luck on rousting the curse of that bay window spot - lol.


No curse in that window. Between the cats and I, we conspired to kill it.

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