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August 27, 2022


Cop Car

The closeups show a completely different story on your existing shed than did the distant photos. And...I didn't realize that the pad is stone rather than concrete until you mentioned it.

You do such a great job of planning ahead (much better than your mother). Super!

I hope that your house doesn't slide down that hill - lol. Fortunately, my neck works.


Actually the planning ahead thing was a fluke. After the tree work, I used a bunch of that dirt under the plastic for fill under the new sitting area chairs. Then a couple of weeks ago I had an epiphany that I could use that area for a shed.

I looked around for a couple of weeks at pre-builts that stock them in the area, and thought I would get an Old Hickory (built in the Midwest). Then went and looked at Reeds Ferry sheds in Hudson, NH. Reeds uses better wood and have a MUCH better warranty, so I am spending a bit more money for that quality.

After ordering the shed, I got a hold of the guy that had widened my driveway and cut back the bank on the northwest side of the house. He happened to have some down time last week so scheduled the work immediately (I had tole him there was no hurry, but also the sooner he could get it done, the sooner I could get on the wait list). Otherwise I would have had to wait a while for the pad. I just lucked into the timing for that.

Cop Car

Take the win and run with it - lol.

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