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July 24, 2022


Cop Car

I saved the bottom photo and played with the color, but could never satisfy myself that the towel was light blue even when I went to max "cool" and max negative "tint". I did like the blue of the curtain better, though.

It took me a second to even find the towel - lol - and to orient myself to the view. Thanks for the exercise and congrats on getting your curtain up. I like ombre patterns, so your curtain sings to me.

I keep thinking that I want to get something up on the escape window and the other two windows on that side of the basement to block the sun that now streams through those windows of a morning now that the yews are no longer there. It's only been 3 years since the yews were removed as a fire abatement measure. (Don't rush me - lol.)

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