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July 31, 2022


Cop Car

What a wonderful opportunity for you and other employees, going on such jaunts. You reminded me that I have become less fearless about heights as I've aged. Perhaps the same has been your experience. (I recall when you were 17 and you went out on an aerobatic flight with my friend - in an open cockpit plane.)

You got your workout!


Planes are totally different and don't bother me at all. To some extent, the less control of a situation that I have, the less it bothers me. If I'd had to drive the Monorail, that would have been downright terrifying.

I've had trouble with heights since the at least the early 90's. Riding the tram on Cannon Mountain in the 90's, I had vertigo for the first couple of feet, but after that I was fine (nice solid walls and glass windows help). Driving over the bridge to get to Niagara falls in 2006, I had to move to the center lane to keep my cool - good thing I wasn't on a bike.

Cop Car

You definitely take after your dad. He stopped the car so that I could drive us across Royal Gorge. I think that was in approximately 2004. I was also the one who usually did any work that required getting onto the roof of a house such as installing the TV antenna on Sunrise although HH did, on occasion, surprise me by getting onto the roof, himself. Now, I am still the one who replaces burned out floods under the eaves of this house but the end is in sight for such ladder work. I am too unsteady on flat floors, let alone climbing ladders.
Dudette said, Saturday, that Wonderful GrandDaughter is working with a physical therapist to better align the crystals in her ears. As you probably know, WGD gets severe benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

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