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May 17, 2022


Cop Car

Great video! As was one of the commentors, I was surprised to see no jiggling of the camera betraying the passage of the tornado over/around the car. The pickup truck driver was a bit slow grasping the situation, I thought, but there must be an explanation for that.

The size/behavior of the tornado reminded me of one that came bouncing down our street in Tulsa (in the early 1940s). You can imagine how freaked out your Grandmother H was over it. Only one house on our street had a basement (the original house that was there when the development was platted from farmland. We awoke most morning to the screaming of pea foul.


I was surprised that the passage seemed to be so innocuous also (relatively speaking). There were reports in other areas of a vehicle (pickup truck I believe) being rolled to its side. Also, lots of trees and wires down, but really not bad. The Weather gurus determined it was an F1.

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