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May 28, 2022


Cop Car

I planted a bunch of lily-of-the-valley last year, but the starts were in such horrible condition when they arrived I couldn't tell what was dirt and what was start. Of course, nothing came up.
: ( You've done much better : )

The various reds in the other photos are wonderful.


These are native lily of the valley - I didn't plant them. They try to take over the world and I mow the ones that try to get out in the lawn from the woods.

Another patch sprung up at the west end of the shrub garden. It started with 1 plant a couple of years ago and now I'm mowing the escapees there too. Maybe I should try sending you some, if you want.

Cop Car

I would take them, thank you. I don't need a lot - just a few that will do their thing and multiply. I don't recall having a problem getting the lilies-of-the-valley started along the bank on sunrise, but anymore I would swear that the nurseries just send out sealed plastic bags of dirt and call the contents "lily-of-the-valley". If you send them when they start to settle back this fall, it should be just in time for me to plant them, here, don't you think? Looking forward to it.

Cop Car

I am trying to start the plants next to the foundation. It should take a year or two for them to try to escape into the lawn - lol.


You are correct, fall would probably be best because of your hot weather. If I was sharing with someone in my area, I would say just about any time would be okay as long as they are kept watered.

Don't let me forget later in the year!

Cop Car

I would put it on my calendar, but I pretty much ignore both calendars and the one on my computer doesn't sync to the one on my iPhone. Well...it probably would if I would use the cloud, but I don't like having my stuff on someone else's server. I'll put in on my phone and cross my fingers.

Thanks for the offer!

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