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March 19, 2022


Cop Car

I was wondering how you were doing getting your boundaries legalized/formalized.

After all of the moving of pellets, this would have been an easy day for you!! I like your composting bins.


The boundaries ar not yet "set" for the north side of the property. Well, the northeast pin was found and is set, it is the rest that is still unsettled. The surveyor has received verbal permission to set the fuzzy boundaries for the rest of it, but getting the signatures needed has not gone well. One of the neighbor's and his wife are too busy to go to the bank and get their signatures notarized. I did talk to the guy the other day, printed him out 4 copies and hopefully they will sign soon. Then gotta go to the town and state to get it legalized.

It was actually harder to work in the roses. Those things grab onto anything and everything, including my hair, my clothes etc. There was one point where I thought I would have to remove my shirt out there in the yard to get one of the longer whips off of me.

Cop Car

Worse than being grabbed by an octopus. It has but eight tentacles.

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