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March 27, 2022


Cop Car

Wonderful project, Bogie. I hope it comes about and that it is not stressful to you. More of us need to do that.

We have one long side of our hip roof that is ideally oriented for solar panels, I think, and I would love to add them. At our age, I'm guessing that the solar panel payback period extends beyond HH's & my lifetime - and definitely beyond our remaining time in this house.

A solar energy installation company cold-called at our house, yesterday.


My roof isn't ideal. Although I've tended to think that my house has sides that face the cardinal directions, that is not the case. The "east" side also has trees that shade it thru a portion of the morning. My siting has challenges. I've talked to one company, a second company has not even responded. And I've contacted a 3rd company that I'm hoping will come out next week.

ROI is not really a deciding factor since it would be 12+ years most likely. But, I don't see it getting much cheaper for many years to come. I like the idea, and the tax credit at least makes it something I find at least reasonable as far as expenditure at this time.


Of course this project depends on the structural engineer deciding my house can handle the load. I may find this 60 year old house can't and then be bummed. Well, one never knows until one asks :)

Cop Car

My thinking was along the lines of, how do you clear the snow?


Don't need to clear the snow. It will dump just as the metal roof does. And, even snow covered, will still produce some electricity - not as much true, but those months are dark and dreary anyway (mostly overcast with a very low sun angle), so they wouldn't produce much anyway.

I'm not trying to be off-grid. The hope is that I produce enough energy during the summer (that the electric company has to pay me for) to offset the usage during the winter.


We have solar, both on the roof and free standing. The roof panels we need to clear, the angle isn't ideal. The free standing ones dump themselves perfectly. If you do need to clear them they sell roof rakes with rubber heads for that purpose (I can get you a link if you want it).


Hi Ruth - a link would be much appreciated. I did have one time that I used the roof rake to start the process since I put the standing seam roof on. Usually the roof dumps pretty well even though it is fairly shallow. Of course I really don't pay attention to how it dumps unless we got a huge amount of snow either, and it is never a bad thing to be prepared.

What brand/model of panels do you have (if you know).

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