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February 12, 2022


Cop Car

Looking at your new chair, I'm surprised at the price you were able to find - especially considering what I think your dad paid for his. (We had to replace the raise/lower-the-seat mechanism about 10 years ago, but the chair was about 20 years old at that time.) I hope that you find the chair as comfortable as it looks.

OK...I'll ask. Is there a relationship between the USB male plug and the massager? I don't get it.

Better you and HH have your chairs. I dislike office chairs with arms. I've been trying to replace this nearly 50-year-old chair for about 15 years but can find no good desk chairs without arms. (When working at your dad's computer, I use one of the old chairs that we had at the breakfast bar on Sunrise. It's only 52 years old, and I had those chairs re-upholstered in blue a few years ago.)


The USB plugs into the computer, which powers the massager.

Using the arm for mouse work works better than a wrist rest for me. A wrist rest actually hurts my wrist. I only use it for my work computer since I am at it so long.

Cop Car

Interesting. I would have guessed that the massager would take too much power for the USB connection to provide for it - but - I didn't really know the power capacity of the plug. You made me look it up. (Following paragraph is from https://resources.pcb.cadence.com/blog/2020-what-are-the-maximum-power-output-and-data-transfer-rates-for-the-usb-standards, which I give only for completeness so won't make it a link.)

"In general, the specifications for a USB 1.0 and 2.0 standard downstream port, delivers up to 500 mA or 0.5A. Also, with a USB 3.0, it can provide up to 900mA or 0.9A, which translates into 4.5 watts. These power output specifications are a rating based on the 5 volts from each standard output. However, the USB 3.0 dedicated charging and charging downstream ports provide up to 1,500 mA or 1.5A, which translates into 7.5 watts."

I just switched back to my rinky-dink HP keyboard after several months of using the Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. I didn't do a good job of getting accustomed to the physical layout of the keys (especially annoying was switching from right hand to left hand to hit the "6") and the keyboard was too bulky to use with my slide-out keyboard shelf on this desk. We each have to find what works for us, eh? Want a Microsoft keyboard & mouse? (The mouse only works for right-handed settings, so I've not used it. Ordered the set by accident and it wasn't worth exchanging.)


No thank you on the keyboard. I used to have one of those. I didn't have any issues with using it since for numbers I use the keyboard on the side, but as you said, it didn't fit well on my slide out keyboard tray.

Cop Car

Had I remembered your experience, I would have saved my money. I think it is a safe bet that you posted about your keyboard, at the time, but have no memory of it. (Memory is the 2nd thing to go, but I don't remember the 1st.)


I might not have said anything. I don't remember, that had to have been 15 or maybe 20 uears ago.

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