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February 05, 2022


Cop Car

Cleaning up the Explorer should be lots of fun!

I look at your wiring re-routing a bit differently. For me it would have been a 6-year, 3-month, 12-day, 2-hour job - getting around to it, you know? In The last 9 days would be there because I dropped both fixtures on my way out of the store. (Actually, I could probably dig around in our workshop and find at least one or two of those fixtures.)

Happy pellet stove cleaning. You deserve the break!

Cop Car

P.S. Thanks for showing the guts of the stove. I know what the insides of our 1940s coal heating stoves and wood cooking stoves (that were by no means new at the time) looked like, but it's interesting to see the inside of your modern pellet stove these many years later.


The inside of the pellet stove looks different from coal or wood burning stoves regardless of what year they were made. Completely different beasts :)

Cop Car

I noticed!

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