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February 26, 2022


Cop Car

That is a lot of water. Our farmers would love to take it off of your hands, of course.

We are exiting wintry temperatures, today. For the past several days, our wind chill has been below zero and temperatures peaking at 12-30 degrees. It's 23 right now, heading for 39.

The turkeys returned a couple of hours ago. I don't know where they hide during really cold weather, but we hadn't seen them for a week or so. Only 10 showed up...don't know what happened with the other 8. It could be a totally different group, I suppose, but they took the same path up our driveway and slanting across the back yard.


I'm sure the farmers would not have wanted all the sleet and freezing rain we had to get that runoff from the melt. Most of our storms this year were of that variety instead of snow - or they ended with so much sleet/ice that it made all snow beneath it an ice sheet and unblowable.

Cop Car

It took me a second to realize that you probably were thinking of using a snow blower when you wrote "unblowable" instead of about the wind.

In my estimation, the winter wheat crop around here is at least 2 months behind in its development - from drought.

When HH and I were into disaster relief work, we always knew that a large snow/freezing rain presaged flooding. At any rate, your yard doesn't allow you to get too lazy or bored, does it? (And what beauty it provides you - and those of us with whom you share your photos.)

Cop Car

In case the news isn't widespread: I've noticed over the past decade that more and more of the local crop fields are being planted in cotton - rotated with other crops, of course, mostly soybeans. Our climate has gotten that much warmer. For the first year or two, seeing cotton was really strange.

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