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January 08, 2022


Cop Car

It looks like the riders are doing OK. Is that top one a motorcycle? I don't know two-wheelers enough to distinguish a motorcycle from a heavy-duty motorized scooter. (I can't sign in at the links since I'm no longer on FB.) The snow makes for beautiful winter scenery.

When we went to bed last night it was 24 degrees here. When we arose, this morning, it was 44 degrees and we had had a little rain (I've not checked the rain gage.) The birds (mostly robins and European starlings) are out there drinking from the puddles in the street.


Those are both scooters. Saw a pic last night of a Harley in Concord.

Temp was 19* at 4 am and now, 5:15 am, it is up to 24. We are supposed to get freezing rain. Prefer snow, but mother nature doesn't do requests :D

Cop Car

Thanks. I didn't think about the possibility on the bottom one.

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