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January 30, 2022


Cop Car

Beautiful! (Send snow ice cream.) Now you've had your exercise for the morning. When the wind howls, the snow can blow anywhere (your ramp).

Do you have to peel off clothing as you go? (to cool down?) Who knew that snow blowers have gears? Fancy!

On some weather channel, yesterday, I would swear that they were talking about Tennessee(?), alongside a map that had a clear "White Mountain" or "White Mountains" label. Maybe I was dreaming or maybe there is something local to the state they were talking about. All I could think was, "But that's in NH!" Of course, the TV scene changed rather quickly - before I could gather my wits.


Several states have White Mountains - CA, NV etc. Not sure about TN though. But, the BEST White Mountains are in NH :)

Cop Car

Oh, absolutely!

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