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January 01, 2022


Cop Car

Routings can be mysterious. A few weeks ago, I ordered something (who recalls what?) for your dad. I kept tracking it and found that it had been delivered - to the wrong place. When I notified the merchant, they were already on it. They had noticed the mis-delivery and sent a duplicate shipment to us...arriving the following day. Had I waited one more day, I wouldn't have known anything had fallen askew.

May you enjoy your butter dish. With my butter fingers (pun intended?), I keep our butter in a plastic tray/lid - purchased from an Ace Hardware Store. A couple of years ago something had gone wrong with the blue dish that we had. I was happy to find a nearly exact replacement (only in red) and bought two. It's handy to have two. I can fill one while the other is awaiting its turn in the dishwasher.

Happy new year, Sweetheart.

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