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November 27, 2021


Cop Car

Ooh, the stained/polyurethaned trim pieces are gorgeous. The installed trim looks great, and just look at how much visual interest there is looking through the openings. (I can see the kitchen's crown molding, too.)

I do like the untrimmed door opening into your kitchen. I like "light and bright"!

Your poor calves! At least you are in good enough physical condition that you didn't absolutely cripple yourself. I do, however, question your "billion" count. I'm pretty sure that you were busy enough not to have worried about counting ; )

Cop Car

What is the fluorescent green tool in 2nd photo? Also, I don't understand the light blue (in the 3rd photo) in your bay window - I think it's the same color as your front door? I remember the navy drapes with electrically-driven open/closure; but, I don't recall only other window dressing. Is that a blind of some sort?


The green tool is my Ryobi 18v nailer.

The aqua in the bay window is light darkening curtain. It is pretty much the same color as the front door. I fot it this last summer to help control the solar gain (that window lets in a LOT of afternoon sun, being on the west side). I used to have pieces of rigid foam insulation sheets that I put up there, but hated that it looked so tacky and would take them down for the winter.

I like the look and the added privacy of the curtain as the drapes really struggle to cover where they meet together, so I left it up for this winter. I can also pull the drapes back for added light, without having my living room contents visible from the street.

Cop Car

Sounds like the darkening curtains are great. If you posted about them, I missed (unlikely) or forgot (more likely). I had noticed the drape's being pulled back on one side in the photo. With the two layers, you should have pretty good control of the light and heat. I think you had foil up (at least on the pane nearest your front door) when we were there a few years ago; but, you may have had the foam up - or maybe both.

Cop Car

P.S. With all the nailing you have needed/will need to do, the nail gun is surely a good investment. I would nail myself to the floor. Ouch - lol.


I don't think I posted about the curtains. I put one up in the big panes of each of the bay windows. I took those down for the winter for the kitchen and bedroom to allow for solar gain during the cold months (although how helpful that is, I don't know since November was probably 28 days of heavy overcast).

I got that nailer years ago and it is my go to tool. Much more convenient than the ones that hook to the air compressor. However, the air compressor units can fit in smaller places, so I still use those on occasion.

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