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November 21, 2021


Cop Car

Not only should we not bother trying to "fix" one another since, as adults, we have pretty much outgrown any chance (if ever there was one) of changing our "types"; but, I've observed that many/most of us are not one pure type. Figuring out how to get each strangely typed person to work with all the other strangely typed people with whom they need to cooperate, and to be relatively comfortable in doing so, is the challenge of the manager. From what you've written/said in the past, your boss is adept at meeting the challenge. Good for you.

P.S. Your Grandmother H commented to me when you and Dudette were quite young about your different "types". She appreciated your differences.

Cop Car

Whether it is an introvert or extrovert thing, we'll miss you at our family gathering tomorrow.

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