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November 07, 2021


Cop Car

Who would have thought to shower the bird with the cage? Those scrambled eggs only look good to someone who is really, really hungry.

Kitty in the overhead reminds me of once on Park Lane when you and Dudette were playing hide-and-seek. I stuck you into the overhead of the basement rec room (from next room - unfinished - where the sump hole was). We never had nor needed a pump in that house. I remember that our metal wardrobe was in that unfinished area, and that's about all I recall.


Birdie never comes out of his cage. He does not want to - never has and never will. Taking him out of the cage to clean the wire portion would just stress him out.

Cop Car

Birds, like people, have their idiosyncrasies. You are smart enough to recognize the illadvisedness of adding stress to Birdie's life.

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