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October 02, 2021


Glypto Dropem

Tell your co-workers NOT TO QUIT! Make the bastards fire them and deal with unemployment.


Although I appreciate your sentiment, I have a few issues:

First, I don't go around inquiring as to who is vaccinated and who is not - it's none of my business and I really don't care to know their medical status.

Second, of those I work with closely enough to know their status thru general conversation, everyone has been vaccinated. We are all old farts and most have underlying medical issues that makes it extremely risky for them to contract the virus.

Third, if you think that unemployment will pay those that are fired for not fulfilling a requirement for employment, you are sadly mistaken. Those that won't follow the mandate will have no problem finding alternate employment. This state has a real worker shortage. That means, quitting because they have found alternate employment may actually hurt the company more because they only give a two week's notice (if that) and no one trained or even available to step into their shoes.


NY's govenour at least is determined that if someone is fired for refusing to follow vaccine mandates they aren't eligible for unemployment. We'll see how that holds up in court, but yah.


In reading the FAQ's provided by my company, refusal to be vaccinated without proof of medical or religious hardship (and approval for religious exemption is harder to get) is considered to be a voluntary resignation. Each state has its own rules, but I believe most either say you aren't eligible or or you have to be unemployed for a long time before being eligible.

NH flat out states that there are no unemployment benefits if you quit without good cause. And at that, you will most likely need a lawyer to establish and prove your reason was so compelling that you had no choice but to quit.


I am in Michigan, and I suspect is is the same here. I waited a long time, before getting the vaccine. I mostly didn't like being told what to do. But after watching the numbers it seemed like those who did get the vaccines were having better results if they did get covid than those who did not get the vaccines. Of course, who knows if you can trust the numbers, right? But at some point, you have to make your own choice.
I took 2 doses. I won't take 3.
I am also retired, so that makes a difference, also.

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