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October 02, 2021


Cop Car

Glad to see that you are prepared for colder weather - as are you, usually. It must seem strange not to have a bike put into storage.

Your dad mows the leaves from the cottonwood, in the back yard - sometimes, over and over; but, I keep the down sticks and branches picked up for him and do a moderate amount of raking to keep the thatch from building up too much. Will talk to "my" tree guys next month about the doability of trimming the cottonwood tree. Its branches have grown to be much too close to the house. If they cannot succeed in trimming it, which seems daunting to me as it involves the 1/2 of the tree nearer the street, I'll have it taken out. Love the tree, but it is messy and we built the house too close to it - lol.


As far as the bike, last year I didn't put it in storage since my dealership had shut down. The weird thing is to have room in the garage because there is no car there.

When I moved here, My Jeep Patriot would fit in the garage. There was only a 2-3 month period that I DIDN'T have a 4-wheel vehicle in the garage - when the Patriot blew the transmission and I bought the 2004 Explorer (which didn't fit in the garage). A couple of months later I bought the 2007 Focus to make sure if one vehicle went down, I always had another for use until the other got fixed.

Cop Car

Somehow, it didn't occur to me that your current vehicle wouldn't be in your garage. You've had quite a turnover in vehicles since buying that house ; ) Also, I had to be reminded about your Harley dealer's having closed, thanks.

Things change - and for some of us time flies so fast that we can't keep up with ourselves, let alone with others. A few days ago, your dad asked if I had brought in the morning paper. He had canceled the paper two or three months ago.

Cop Car

P.S. Yes, I do realize that an Explorer is rather large ; )


The Garage is rather short (by modern standards) at just over 6.5' tall door frame (not the opening height). My head brushes the door when it is up if I don't pay attention.

The width is 8' for the garage frame (again, not opening size), so the 7.5' wide body of the truck would be an extremely tight squeeze. I'll have to check what the actual opening size is.

Remember when I thought I was going to have a separate garage built and I told them to nix the 8'W x 7' tall doors and make it one 16'W x 8'T door? There was a great reason for that :)


I had to be careful on what cars I bought and had to severely curtail the selection. Many are too wide and a lot are tallish. There were few cars that I could look at and be able to have the bike in there - the Focus, a fiesta, and there were a couple of others.

The Patriot just scraped by and there were several times I knocked a mirror because it was so close.

Cop Car

Small garages...what's a person to do? I've had only two "large" vehicles: the Pontiac Executive, when you were young, and the Buick Electra in the 1980s. In this house/garage, I have to be careful to limit the length since my parking spot in the garage is about 4 feet shorter than the other two slots (one of which is narrower by 1 foot). Of course, your dad has always liked large sedans. I was shocked when he bought the Lexus which is (I think) an inch shorter than my MKZ (which is 2.1" longer than the SHO I drove when we moved here).

In your situation, an external garage is certainly warranted. Fortunately, today's mirrors are mostly cognizant of the likelihood that they will get knocked on occasion.

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