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October 17, 2021


Cop Car

What a toy, that bad boy would make, eh? It gets a lot of work done in short order. You brought your friends good luck!

A couple of weeks ago, I saw one of those little helpful hints from Typepad on what to do if our photos upload sidewise; but, since it's nearly never been a problem for me, I ignored it. It may have something to do with photos' being taken on a phone??? I seem to recall having sidewise issues a few years ago - possibly when we came to see you and I took photos with your dad's phone. I dunno.

As to arranging photos: It sucks that I've never been able to figure out Typepad's algorithms for that, either. My photo listings, on which I am a year or two behind, likewise come out higgly-piggly.


I'm sure it is because3 it is on a phone, but I load the same photos to a couple of forums and they load fine. So I'm sure there is a way for me not to save a "turned" picture to have it upload it to Typepad. That is what I usually do, but I reduced 45 pictures yesterday morning for posting. I didn't have the patience to further mess with them. I really don't need 3 of the same image running around on my computer (the original full size, the reduced, then the reduced-turned picture).


Interestingly, if I click on the sideways picture, the pop-up comes out the right way.

Cop Car

This is what I had seen:

"Many mobile devices store an image's orientation in the EXIF metadata. EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format - and there are still platforms that are not capable of reading this information such as image orientation."

Are Your Images Uploading Sideways? Here's A Quick Image Tip.

Obviously, I know nothing about phone photos, myself.

Cop Car

P.S. Aren't you proud of me for not pointing out that the toy in your photos is a CAT, not a Dog?


LOL - I never even thought of that being a Cat

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