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October 31, 2021



This was a weird growing year. My tomatoes did NOT like the wet. And the only reason the peppers managed at all was that I put them in one of the stock tank beds instead of a tire bed. We had a way late frost too. Screwy weather.

Cop Car

Even my pepper plants did nothing this year. One of my two plants died nearly immediately (from cold) and the other, which is still out there, put out thumbnail-sized fruit, and not many of those. They all suffered from something that turned the fruit black. I had planted them in a different location, this year, to give nematodes (sp?) a chance to die out in my favored spot from which previous pepper plants have produced bountiful harvests. (That would be in the little patch of dirt bounded by concrete on three sides - patio/house foundation/walk into garage.

As always, the kitties are darling; but, their owner could sell those jeans on eBay for a goodly sum as "pre-worn, distressed" jeans. Thanks for the photos.

Cop Car

Hey! I missed the kitty in the shadow of that last photo. Only when I re-read your "two youngest" paragraph did I go back to the photo and find the 2nd kitty. I had been wondering if the kitty in the sunlight moved to keep up with it.


CC - Those jeans are in much better shape than what I saw at Wally World yesterday - and I'm not talking about on the people! The jeans on the racks/shelves have huge rips in them at both the thigh and along the shin. Heck, I didn't turn any around to look at the back side.

I did just retire one pair of those black jeans (I had 3 pairs all together and I think I've had them since 2010 - maybe even earlier). Another pair is about to be retired. They are ripping out at junction between the front pockets and waist, plus along the side seams, and the knees are barely there. The rest of the fabric is about 1/2 the thickness they were brand new. I hate clothes shopping and finding a nice thick fabric jean is almost impossible

Cop Car

Seeing them did give me a chuckle, thanks. You should see my mom jeans after only a few years. Since they have elastic in the waist and I own no suspenders, they have a built-in lifespan. In addition, I only wear full-length jeans in the winter. After 2-3 years, I cut them off to about 22"-24" inseam to wear in gardening. After a season or two of gardening, the elastic has totally given up and they get pitched. I don't like sewing well enough to try to replace the waste band/elastic.

OTOH: Your dad will wear his shirts for millennia (well, so will I), if I let him. If he likes the shirt well enough, I will (as I am doing on a shirt that I saw in his laundry, Saturday), turn the collar on the shirt so that he doesn't look like a hobo when he goes to the barber shop ; )

Cop Car

P.S. In case I didn't make it clear, when I cut off my jeans, I do NOT hem them. When I cut off my Sport Knit pants, I hem them. Like the jeans, though, after a few winters, I cut them off to 22" inseam length for summer wear. (My NEW Sport Knit pants get cut off when first purchased because I've always had to buy TALL sizes to get the rise long enough. A sales clerk teased me when I entered a "Tall Girl" shop in ABQ. But, she sold me a couple of pair of tailored wool pants and we were both happy to see that they fit perfectly.

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