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August 29, 2021


Cop Car

Your poor kitties haven't seen people, have they? Wonder how many pet animals are out there in the same situation - millions?

Glad your trip went well and the turtle heads (and the wild ones) are interesting. You introduce me to so many plants about which I had never heard!


Being a loner tends to make the same of my pets. I'm guessing there aren't millions of people out there that don't have visitors. Maybe over the last 1.5 years it has turned out that way for a lot of people when it hasn't been their general way of life.

Cop Car

I'm sure you are right. The change from everyone's having a useable front porch to having a back patio changed neighborhood dynamics - isolating us - and online capabilities have made the isolation stronger, in spades.

I marvel, going back over old planner/diary entries, at how much your dad and I used to socialize (that's how we got together, after all!) I never considered myself a social person; but, comparatively speaking, I was a social butterfly.

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