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July 11, 2021


Cop Car

I looked at all of the pretty pictures before going for my walk; but, decided my commenting could wait. (It was in the high 60s and I didn't want to give it a chance to get into the 70s!)

Each/all of the unnamed daylilies are gorgeous. I really like the butter-with-cream-colored daylilies. Someone up on Madison has a bunch of them bloom each year. Tell your squirrels to come get me some - lol.

We always had "black-eyed" Susans growing in cow pastures WIWAK. I had to look it up, just now, to assure that "black-eyed" Susans are the same species as what I planted a few years ago and were labeled "brown-eyed" Susans. I like 'em, by either name.

Good luck on your mowing. We were told that we might receive .25" - 1" of rain, yesterday. We didn't quite make it (0.02"), so I shall be going out to water our young trees, shortly.


Was able to mow the swamp side yesterday. Even thought pretty muddy underneath, it was still firm enough to do the deed. More rain coming down now (4:00 am on Monday), and rain expected much of the week.

Cop Car

Let's hope that you get the sort of rain that does you some good rather than the kind that washes you out. Glad you were able to mow the swamp.

I probably have West Nile virus, now - lol. Just got in from my walk during which I received my first mosquito bite of the season - on my hand of all places. It was on the fleshy part of the back of my left hand (the one that doesn't swing because it is holding the bag into which I stuff trash) between thumb & pointy finger (but close to wrist). At first, I thought I had scratched my hand while stuffing something into the sack. Eventually, I looked down to find the blood-sucker gorging herself. I slapped at it with the back of my right hand but don't have any idea whether she flew away or fell away dead. I suspect the former since no blood was left on my hand. Aaargh! I hadn't sprayed with "Off!" this morning, but don't normally spray my hands, anyway.


As long as you didn't catch malaria you should be good - LOL.

Cop Car

Mostly, I catch "too darned hot" on my walks.

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