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July 25, 2021


Cop Car

You bought some interesting flowers, Bogie. All of the flowers in your photos are pretty. Lately, it's even more of a crap shoot than ever whether/how much/what intensity rain falls for anyone.

I'm surprised about your butterfly bushes. It must be a very localized soil issue? You've done so well with other bushes and plants.


Butterfly bushes need lots of water. I did not site them well. Not only are they in a raised bed, that end is the highest, gets the most sun in that bed, and has rocks on 3 sides that soak up the heat. They were planted fall of 2019, so they went thru all of last year's drought (barely surviving) and they were at the very end of the garden hose range - so I probably wasn't patient enough to water them as well as other areas.

That soil in the corner was very dry when I pulled them out. At the same time the soil at the other end and in the middle was still damp.

Cop Car

Ahhh...understandable, then.

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