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June 06, 2021


Cop Car

Nothing reticent about your show-off rhododendron bush, this year - wow! And the peonies and irises are equally spectacular. Your yard must be the jewel of the neighborhood, Bogie. Your hard work pays off in enjoyment for all.

We've not yet hit 90 degrees this year, but it is forecasted in the coming week, I think. In fact, until yesterday, we had not even had two consecutive days above 80 degrees. We had a cool May - which I enjoyed and HH deplored. We are now getting into the weather that HH enjoys and I deplore.


Wow, just wow. When it hasn't been pellet stove weather (40's), it has been in the 80's or 90's. I'm sure there were 1 or 2 days that we were in the 70's but that is it. May will probably fall out as an "average" May. But that is what happens when most of the days are 15-20* below, or 15-20* above average temperature.


that is a happy happy plant!

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