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June 13, 2021


Cop Car

Interesting installation, Bogie, and I'm hoping the working of it continues to be to your satisfaction. Never having had experience, or even having seen similar installations in person, I appreciated your explanations. Too, you solved a question for Elder Brother and me.

Yesterday, I was showing EB photos of his old house in Santa Fe to let him see what the people who bought it from him had done - an extensive remodel/retrofit. The couple had lived in that neighborhood for several years when they bought EB's house and told him that they had budgeted $80k (2005 dollars) for re-doing the kitchen, alone, for instance. They put the house on the market in 2016 (Elegant Friend & I saw the "For Sale" sign when we were out there that Fall) and the Realtor had posted about 20 photos online.

Among the photos were a couple of shots of mysterious boxes installed on an east wall in the family room and a west wall in the living room. We speculated that the boxes had something to do with heating/cooling/cleaning air. They looked just like your boxes. Cool! (Pun not intended.)

Yay, for you, in your installation and thanks for solving our mystery.


Glad I could help solve the mystery.

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